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Our History


While playing bingo, Erich Spitzner realized how easily chips slid off their numbers, and thus he invented the sliding shutter window.


His invention was an immediate success, and word spread quickly. Regal Games forever changed the face of Bingo.


Erich invented Traffic Safety Bingo to teach his daughter to keep an eye out for important signs. Following its success, The Travel Bingo Assortment was born.

He also humorously referred to Auto Bingo as the first “Radar Detector,” helping children to be on the lookout for police officers

Erich's last invention was the Easy Read Finger-Tip Bingo Card as it made it easier for seniors to see the larger numbers in his assisted living center.

Erich spent his life inventing; introducing more than 50 different games. We look to Erich's vision as we grow the company in new categories and games that families will love forever.